Michael Jackson’s Billboard Award Hologram Sparks Mixed Emotions

Photo: flikr.com

Photo: flikr.com

Was Michael Jackson’s hologram performance a bit too much for the Billboard Music Awards? Some are saying, yes, and here’s why.

Sunday night was the Billboard Music Awards and one of the most interesting parts of the show was the hologram of Michael Jackson performing his song, “Slave to the Rhythm.” The hologram took show producers months to plan, and new technology was invented for the spectacle.

Jackson even had his own seat reserved at the show with his picture on it and “Nominee/Performer” written underneath.

The performance showed him walking down the stairs after stepping off a throne and performing his slick, signature dance moves. A hologram in general is a very innovative and cool concept, but was it wrong to bring Michael back in that way?

We spoke with Michael Jackson expert Florence Anthony for a more informed opinion on last night’s, “tribute.”

“I loved the hologram in Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, but I hated the one last night. It was as if they were robbing MJ’s grave and picking over his bones,” she said and then added, “we don’t need to be subjected to manufactured ghosts.”

The performance did not sit well with some, despite a few members of the audience becoming emotional. The fact is that Michael Jackson was a great artist when he was alive and he was a musical presence that shaped parts of the industry forever. He can never be forgotten in that way.

Shouldn’t there come a point where we let him rest in peace? Should we not remember him as he was and stop capitalizing on the market surrounding his name or use holograms of him to get higher ratings on award shows?

“Last night was more of a cheap effort to sell Xscape, rather than a tribute to MJ,” Anothony commented.

After all, award shows look for high ratings above all else. It is why they aim to create the most shocking and outrageous stunts, to outdo one another. Was this a ratings stunt or a true tribute to Michael Jackson?

In the end, “it may have been meant to be a tribute to him, but it was also an effort to get the show higher ratings.”

Playing his music would have been a great tribute, maybe even having artists of today get together and cover his new and old songs. More than anything else, I cannot imagine what it must have been like for his young children to watch their father seem to be brought back to life on a stage for entertainment.

Would Michael Jackson himself have liked it? “I hate to admit it, but MJ may have liked it. He loved videotaping himself and fans screaming. He really loved his fans, so he may have wanted this to happen for the fans.”

Was it a great tribute or a bit insensitive? Do you think people are afraid that letting Michael Jackson “rest in peace” means letting him be forgotten and that’s why we continue to see things like this?

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