Michigan Judge Sends Kids to Juvenile Detention

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

Michigan, you swing like a pendulum. First your weather doesn’t know if it wants to be warm or cold, and now, your news is acting up. Earlier, we reported the happy news that the state is getting its third Chick-fil-A. Now, we have to report that a judge in Bloomfield Hills sentenced three children to juvenile detention after they didn’t want to see their father.

Bloomfield Hills is a city in Michigan’s Oakland County not too far from the city of Detroit. The judge, Lisa Gorcyca, compared their three children to infamous cult leader, Charles Manson, when they refused to speak to their father. Currently, the children of Maya Tsimhoni are being held in detention, and this has been the case for more than two weeks. The children are nine, ten, and 15. Court clerks commented on Wednesday that the judge cannot be reached for comment because the case is still developing.

The hearing originally took place on June 24. The eldest boy told the judge that he didn’t want to speak to his father because he is violent, and he also witnessed him hitting his mother. To us, this seems like a solid reason not to want to see one’s father. However, the judge felt otherwise. She called the 15-year-old a “defiant, contemptuous young man.” In all honesty, he is those things. But he has every right to be. His father is violent, and his family life is unstable. Anyone could become “defiant” and “contemptuous” after that. We don’t blame him for being hardened at all.

Later, the boy told the judge, “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“No, you did,” the judge told him. “I ordered you to talk to your father. You chose not to talk to your father. You defied a court order.”

This doesn’t seem like the most reasonable or safest court order, considering the boy testified that his father is abusive. Gorcyca should be trying to protect the children of Oakland County, not put them in danger. By ordering the children to talk to their father and not letting them out of juvenile detention until they develop a relationship with them, she is hurting them. She proceeded to talk down to the boy, saying, “You’re supposed to have a high IQ, which I’m doubting right now because of the way you act.” What kind of judge can be this cruel, this biased, and this disrespectful of children who are brave enough to come out and say they’re being hurt? Their father, however, has not been charged with any crime.

Gorcyca told the children she believes their father is “a great man,” which seems strange considering everyone else claims he is cruel and abusive. We wonder if there’s not something corrupt going on behind the scenes.

A review trial is scheduled for September 8.

When Gorcyca talked to the youngest child, a nine-year-old girl, she used her religion against her. She said, “God gave you a brain. He expects you to use it… Do you want to live in jail?” Using something this important and personal against a child is abusive, and more insults and abuse is the last thing these three children need.

Reports say that the children are undergoing psychiatric therapy in the detention center. They’re also not allowed to see each other very much. This seems especially heinous because in times of crisis, when you don’t have anyone to turn to, you should at least be allowed to turn to your family. We are appalled that a judge would act like this. Our hearts go out to the children, and our prayers and well wishes hope they find some peace.

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  1. dfrankovich says:

    Seriously? This judge is not serving in the best interest of the minors. If she has a “beef”, she should address it with the parents. The fact that this “loving father” would continue to press on to see his children, allowing them to be persecuted, and put away, proves that he only cares for himself.

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