MMA Fighter War Machine Attempts Suicide In Jail



The mixed martial artist known as ‘War Machine’ has tried to commit suicide while in jail awaiting trial on the attempted murder of his pornstar ex-girlfriend Christy Mack. War Machine, whose real name is Jonathan Koppenhaver, was found by a correction officer at 9:30pm on Tuesday. While walking by his cell, the officer discovered Koppenhaver laying on the ground, unresponsive. He received medical attention just in time and is in stable condition. Officers found a suicide note by Koppenhaver ‘s bed.

“He was found seated on the floor with a torn piece of linen around his neck, which was attached to his bunk, Officer Jose Hernandez told the affiliate. Koppenhaver, who was unresponsive and struggling to breathe, had left behind a suicide note. Hernandez cut the linen and called medical personnel, who later cleared the fighter and put him on suicide watch at a medical isolation unit. Details of his suicide note were not released. The incident occurred on the same day he was supposed to appear in court to discuss a plea deal, according to the affiliate.” -CNN

War Machine is in jail awaiting trial on 32 different felony charges for an alleged savage beating of his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack and another man.

Koppenhaver pleaded not guilty in September to the felony charges including attempted murder during his first appearance in a Las Vegas courtroom.

Prosecutors, who originally charged Koppenhaver with nine felony counts,  added more charges stemming from May 2013. The new charges include allegations of burglary, first-degree kidnapping, coercion and sexual assault.

Well, Koppenhaver’s plan failed miserably. He needs to man up, face the music, and do the time. He wasn’t afraid to beat Christy almost to her death, so he should have no fear facing the judge and owning up to his actions.

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