Model Tries To Extort Hockey Legend Jaromir Jagir For $2000 With Photo

Photo credit: Morgue file

Photo credit: Morgue file

43-year-old hockey legend Jaromir Jagr has experienced attempted extortion, but his extortioner was, well, not very good at extorting.

The 18-year-old model known as “Catherine from Moravia” took a photograph of her and Jagr naked in bed together, seemingly after sex in what has been deemed the #JagrSelfie. Jagr, of course, is sound asleep in the picture, completely unaware of the betrayal, deception, and down right immature ridiculousness.

But it gets worse. Reportedly, the woman threatened to sell the photo to the media unless Jagr paid up $2,000, to which he essentially responded “shove it.” Not the most typical response in these situations, but Jagr is no fool.

Lesson # 1: Extort men with whom you have more damaging leverage than a non-incriminating photo.

Jagr is currently single and could care less if the photo is published, which it has and is now circulating all over social media in the form of memes, and really why should he care? He has no wife or girlfriend to report back to and plead for forgiveness, the model is of age—he’s pretty much in the clear.

However, Catherine might have some explaining to do. She has been linked back to Czech hockey prospect Domink Rudl, who according to a Yahoo news report considers Jagr his idol. I just hope Catherine didn’t know that bit of information because, wow. As if she hasn’t already been labeled the worst girlfriend possibly ever.

Lesson # 2: You probably shouldn’t leak photos of you and another man, when you already have one of your own.

It’s a strange story, this Catherine woman obviously failed miserably, and Jagr is still $2,000 richer and probably getting praised by all of his friends.

Lesson # 3: Try harder next time.

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