Mom And Four Kids Killed In Fireball Crash As Dad Watches Helplessly From Car Behind

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I can’t imagine what it’s like to see your whole family die right before your eyes!

A woman and her four children were driving Saturday evening when they were hit by a minivan that ran a stop sign. The woman’s vehicle immediately burst into flames, and the horrific crash was witnessed by her husband who was driving behind her.

In the vehicle that was engulfed in flames was 29-year-old Esmeralda Saucedo, 11-year-old Breanna, 6-year-old Jada, 3-year-old Nikko, and 1-year-old Isaac. They were on the way to celebrate Isaac’s birthday.

According to California Highway Patrol Axel Reyes, the father had tried to break the windows after he saw what had happened, but sadly, he was unsuccessful in helping his family. As you can imagine, he couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. He received minor burns on his hands.

“He seemed to be so distraught; he was wanting to get his wife and children out of the car and my husband had to intervene because he was in such shock. At that point we just had to pull him away,” said Lori Pierce, a witness.

Nora Escalante, a family friend, says that Esmeralda was a great mom.

Investigators are looking into whether the driver of the other vehicle was on medication at the time of the accident, Reyes said. Her medical history shows that could very well be a possibility.

The reason why there were two cars was because the couple was headed to pick up another kid. It’s not clear whether the other child was a relative.

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