More Trumbles: It’s not Even Next Week Yet


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More Trumbles before you start a new week. It’s only been two days since my first Trumbles post and there’s already so many more!

Let’s do like Michael Phelps and dive right in.

As we all remember, Trump pleased some Republicans when he stopped attacking the family of a fallen US soldier and started attacking his actual opponent, Hillary Clinton. As of today, however, he’s shifted targets again and is attacking “the media,” blaming them for his bad press and for skewing his words. Though how the media has any impact on his personal Tweets, which are damning enough without coverage of his many verbal blunders, is beyond me. He “joked” about taking away the New York Times’ credentials at a rally in Connecticut Saturday. He has also had Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and The Washington Post banned from covering his events.

The majority of the media seem pretty certain that he is using his 2nd Amendment Rights and shooting himself in the foot, clearing the way for Hillary to campaign in historically Republican states like Arizona.

Also, it’s quite damning that instead of sticking by some of his most controversial statements, and insisting the media got it wrong, he continues to flip-flop and correct himself. He did that this week after stating several times that Obama was the founder of ISIS (the Islamic State has roots in organizations dating back to at least 1999 and beginning its rise of terror after the 2003 US invasion orchestrated not by Obama but by Bush. In 2009, with Obama as president, the US General in Iraq reported the killing of 80% of IS’s top leaders. A few days ago, US supported Libyan militants were able to take over ISIS headquarters. But sure, Obama is ISIS). After the usual outcry, he said he was being sarcastic but also said that he wasn’t really. Flip flop flip.

While all media outlets are biased (not ours, of course…TRUMP SUCKS…oops), they aren’t responsible for the heinous, offensive, problematic and dumb things he says.

They may soon be responsible for uncovering disgusting truths about Trump’s past, however. The Company that owns USA Today and The New York Times Co. have requested that the New York Supreme Court release the sealed documents from Trump’s 1999 divorce from Ivana. The divorce was sought and approved on the grounds of “cruel and inhuman treatment;” there have been stories since 1999 alleging that Trump sexually assaulted or raped Ivana. The two reached a settlement and she now publicly endorses Trump but money and power are hard to speak out against. The two media companies are seeking this information to combat Trump’s comments about The Clinton’s marriage (he said he was so glad they “kept that dress,” referring to Monica Lewinsky’s dress that was used as evidence against Bill Clinton) as well as to establish the credibility (or lack therof) and character (we already know he’s a character) of the potential President of the United States.

News also broke this week again involving Trump and that 2nd Amendment he was only being sarcastic about. This time the story was about a former  North Carolina Trump campaign director pulling a gun on staffers. A former staffer brought the lawsuit Wednesday and alleges that campaign officials refused to take action when the event occurred. The director, Earl Phillip, was recently named director of Trump’s National Diversity Coalition, has since hired a lawyer and stepped down from that position as well. It’s truly shocking that someone having to do with the goodly pacifist, Donald Trump, would do anything at all like this and it is clear these allegations are unfounded, impossible fantasy (Hey, Don, that’s what sarcasm looks like!).

More news indirectly tied to Trump and his “media-skewed” calls to violence/Islamaphobic rhetoric comes from Queens, New York, where tha Muslim Imam was killed outside his mosque; a friend that was with him was also killed. There is no evidence of motive against Imam Maulama Akonjee or his friend Thara Uddin. Akonjee’s position and the location of the shooting have many believing it was an anti-Muslim attack.

In addition to blaming the media for his foot-in-mouth problem, Trump has also been adamant that he’ll only lose if the election is rigged. He reinforced those sentiments Saturday in Pennsylvania when he said “The only way we can lose in my opinion…in Pennsylvania, is if cheating goes on. We have to call up law enforcement. And we have to have the sheriffs and the police and everybody watching.” He also called for the voters themselves to get involved. These are the same people he told to take care of Clinton with their second amendment rights; how do you think they’ll take his instructions to “make sure cheating doesn’t happen?” NPR reported that this is dangerously close to encouraging voter intimidation, which is illegal.

Pennsylvania struck down a voter ID law in 2014 which was found to systematically exclude black Americans from voting. Trump sees that as a move encouraging cheating, even though true voter fraud has rarely actually occurred. It wouldn’t matter if the law were keeping black people from voting because, as it stands in Pennsylvania, Trump currently has zero percent of the black vote.

Trump is campaigning in blue states like Connecticut while losing favor with Republicans daily. He refuses to take responsibility for his blunders (Trunders?) and he is influencing people in dangerous ways. (Trump Tower climber, anyone?)

Tim Kaine said in New Hampshire this week that voters should not take Trump’s slip in popularity and diminishing party support so seriously that they do not vote or encourage other’s to vote. He emphasized that positive polling numbers should not make voters complacent stating, “Nothing in life comes easy.”

As Trump stumbles we have to remember that it’s not over until anyone but Trump is making that victory speech November 9th and says “Hey, Trump, now you’re fired!”



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