Mother Breastfeeding Her Friend’s Son Sparks Controversy



World Breastfeeding Week just ended on August 7, but the conversation about this beautiful and natural human necessity is far from over.

Why? Because too many people still don’t understand that breastfeeding is a ‘beautiful and natural human necessity.’

Now, women everywhere are taking to social media to try and normalize breastfeeding, since some still consider it a type of public indecency.


When Jessica Colletti posted a picture of herself breastfeeding two boys surfaced on the Internet, controversy soon followed.

The Pennsylvania mother of 16-month-old Lucian met 25-year-old Charlie Interrante when Lucian was just a newborn, and the two women quickly bonded over the fact that they were new mothers. Interrante currently has an 18-month-old son Mateo.

So, when Interrante confessed that she had difficulty caring for Mateo during work, Colletti offered to watch the baby for those few crazy hours.

This is where people started having difficulty. Interrante also told Colletti how Mateo was having difficulty digesting baby formula, and that breastfeeding did not come easily to her. So, Colletti (with Interrante’s permission, of course) began breastfeeding Mateo when she would breastfeed her own son, Lucian.

When Colletti posted the picture of herself breastfeeding Lucian and Mateo, ignorance was laced throughout the comments.

Some people compared the photo to pornography and asked, “What the HELL is wrong with people?!”

But we see absolutely nothing wrong with the image. In fact, we commend Colletti for helping out a fellow mother. Go sisterhood!

Did you know that the World Health Organization says that milk from a healthy wet nurse is the next best alternative to a mother’s own breast milk?

We understand the decision that some mothers make to use formula. Breastfeeding does create a bond between a mother and her baby, and many women don’t want their children bonding to another mother like that!

But, we need to respect both decisions, because ultimately, the mother and the baby’s health remains the top priority.

Wouldn’t you agree?

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