NAACP Leader’s Ethnicity Called into Question

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Photo Credit: Morguefile

On Thursday night, news broke that Rachel Dolezal, the president of Spokane’s chapter of the NAACP, might not be African American. Reportedly, Dolezal is actually Caucasian. Her parents were the ones to come forward.

Larry Dolezal, her father, commented that Dolezal is his “birth daughter, and [he and her mother] are both of European descent.”

Since January, Dolezal has been the president of the Washington city’s chapter of the NAACP. She is also a chair on Spokane’s police oversight commission. Finally, she is an adjunct professor of Africana studies at Eastern Washington University. Dolezal even holds an MFA from Howard University, a school with numerous black attendees. Dolezal’s professor biography reads that she has been the victim of eight “documented hate crimes,” but no one can find information on a suspect. As of Thursday night, Eastern Washington University has remained silent.

Also pulled into question is the matter of Dolezal’s son, Izaiah. According to Larry Dolezal, he is not her son, but her adopted, younger brother. Earlier, Rachel Dolezal commented on this, remarking that Izaiah was once her brother, but she now has full custody of him. He is twenty-one years old.

When confronted by the press, Dolezal claims that she is black, and “they can DNA test [her] if they want to.” So far, everything is in speculation, and Dolezal’s ethnicity has not been officially confirmed.

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One Response to NAACP Leader’s Ethnicity Called into Question

  1. Jason Robinson says:

    I am sure like many people, if they do perform that DNA test on her she will have at least 1% black blood in her, so her claims of being black will be true.

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