New Commercial Shows A KFC Double Down Fan Getting Tattoo of Logo

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Some crazed fan takes the saying “you are what you eat” to another level.

An anonymous fan from Kentucky got a real tattoo of KFC’s Double Down sandwich on his leg. The man’s identity has not been revealed, however people are referring to him as the “Ultimate Double Down Fan”

For those that are unfamilar with the Double Down sandwich, it came out in 2010 and has all of the ingredients that a food lover wants; bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, and KFC’s Colonel’s sauce in between 2 KFC’s Original Recipe® chicken filets, but minus the bread.

I have to admit, the sandwich is actually pretty good. Just not good enough for a tattoo approval on your body. All jokes aside, it is a real tattoo and you can watch the anonymous man get the tattoo in their new commercial.

The things people do for the love of food are getting a bit outrageous. I hope that he is at least getting paid for this publicity stunt, which is what I call it. I don’t believe someone, who likes food that much, would permanetly tattoo their favorite food onto their body for no apparent reason. Usually we would see cheery tattoos or ice cream (in reference to the rapper Gucci Mane), but this tops the cake.

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