New York Agrees To Ban Smokeless Tobacco At Sporting Arenas



Bill De Blasio has signed the bill to support the ban on tobacco in sports stadiums. Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston are already participants of this movement. Chicago will always take part, but the law won’t take effect until later this year.

New York Yankee’s third baseman, Chase Headley has a slight problem with this law. “The intentions behind it are probably the right thing. How is it legal around town, around wherever else, and just at the ballpark it’s not?” Headley said.

Anonymous New York Mets plater seemed to agree, “I would like to see how they are going to enforce that. If somebody sees you chewing, will they reach over the railing and hand you a ticket when you are walking off the field?”

Veteran Yankee , Carlos Beltran gave his teammates some words of wisdom, “Major League Baseball has cameras all over the place, so you’ve got to make sure that if you do it, make sure you do it somewhere where there are no cameras around.”

The fine will be about the same price as smoking at any other prohibited area, which is $100. A major League baseball players minimum salary this year is $507,500.

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