Nick Cannon “White People Party Music”: Album Review

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Have you ever met someone that laughs at their own jokes? It’s a non-issue when the joke is actually funny – everyone knows that emotions are contagious. Perhaps you’re so busy laughing along with the upcoming comedian that you don’t even notice. But there’s nothing sadder than watching someone laugh at their own jokes when nobody else is laughing along with them.

After an eleven year hiatus, Nick Cannon has returned to the music industry with his latest release – White People Party Music. The album’s title alone had me asking, “I hope this is an April Fools’ joke.” But, no – this is really happening. Moreover, Mr. Cannon even went as far to parade around in white face in order to promote the album. Why?

I understand that the intended purpose of the album is meant to be satirical in nature – hence the release date being April 1st – or, at least, I hope so. I mean, so far, I’m not getting any sort of inclination that this is meant to be taken as a joke… It seems like a serious attempt at an album. With a grand total of 17 songs, that’s some serious comedic overkill.

The album begins with the track “Looking For A Dream”, which I thought was going to be a good song. Until, you know, Nick Cannon started singing. I think that this was intended to be a parody of contemporary, mainstream pop music. I think. But the song came off more as a serious attempt. Perhaps that’s the genius in the song? It could be possible that Cannon is so accurate that you can’t discern the difference between the parody and the genre being poked fun at. Or, he’s just terrible at making music.

With lyrics like “I see you dancing like a white lady,” how can you not be enamored by this album? Seriously. The poetic musings of Cannon in his song hilariously titled “Fuck Nick Cannon” are spellbinding. Especially if you love fighting the urge to smash your head into your keyboard while simultaneously asking your Higher Power of choice what sort of curse has this April Fool placed on your ear drums with such a musical atrocity.

Out of 17 songs, none of them are notably decent. Which is disappointing since the album features artists like Akon, Future and Pitbull. All in all, the album showcases 17 terrible songs, some of which are unabashedly and overtly racist.

Thinking about buying this album?… Just don’t. Your money would be better spent donating to a charity or non-profit organization.

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