Nigerian Kidnapped Girls Being Forced Into Marriage With Abductors

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On April 14, 2014, more than 230 young women were kidnapped from their school in Lagos Nigeria. Reports say the girls are being forced to marry their Islamic extremist abductors. Reports also say the girls are being sold into marriage to Boko Haram militant for 2,000 nairas. That converts into about twelve American dollars.

On the day of the kidnapping, the girls had returned to the school to take a final physics exam. The school was one in a handful that opened to give final exams. All the young women who were kidnapped are between the ages of sixteen and eighteen.

The kidnapping came hours after a massive explosion in Abuja, the capital in the heart of the country. It killed seventy-five people and wounded 141 people.

Since the kidnapping, about fifty girls have escaped their abductors in the first few days. Estimates report about 220 young women were still captured. Parents have become so desperate they have launched their own search parties. They are desperately trying to cover the 60,000 square foot Sambisa Forest where the young girls are being hidden. At least three rescue attempts failed so far.

Reports of the mass marriages came from a group of farmers who meet every day at dawn. They gather pool money together for fuel and venture off into the Sambisa Forest unarmed. It is very dangerous for the farmers because the abductors have been terrorizing the territory for months. The destination in which the farmers meet is not far from the burned down remains of the old school.

Parents of the young children are becoming so disgruntled that they are organizing a rally on Saturday to lobby the government, to provide official updates rather than reports.

Senator Ali Ndume goes on record as saying the Nigerian government needs to acquire international help to have a chance at rescuing the at least 200 girls still missing. He also adds “The government must do whatever it takes external support to make sure these girls get released. The longer it takes the dimmer the chances of finding them, the longer it takes, the more traumatized the family and the abducted girls are.”



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