No More Melo-Drama. Knicks Star Carmelo Anthony Says He Loves Kristaps Porzingis

Photo cred: Morgue file

Photo cred: Morgue file

Kristaps Porzingis may have gotten booed by the crowd on draft night, but he gets two thumbs up from Knicks’ star – Carmelo Anthony. Spotted leaving Madeo Restaurant in L.A. with his wife LaLa and friends Ciara, Russell Wilson, and Kelly Rowland, reporters asked Anthony how he felt about KP. Perhaps, he’s not on KP nickname terms with him yet, because it took Anthony a second to realize they were talking about Porzingis. However, that didn’t stop him from expressing his pleasure with his new teammate.

“I really love him. I feel him. I’m gonna get with him tomorrow,” said Anthony.

Following the Porzingis pick up and the Tim Hardaway Jr. trade, which sent the rookie to the Atlanta Hawks in return for draft prospect Jerian Grant, rumors quickly circulated that Anthony was furious with the moves President Phil Jackson made in the draft. According to multiple reports, a source claimed that Anthony was fuming, and that he called up Tim Hardaway Jr. to express his displeasure. Never welcoming Porzingis or Grant via social media like many other NBA players did that night, the fans quickly took the reports to heart and took to Anthony’s Instagram to make their own anger known.

They probably weren’t expecting Anthony to respond, but it was clear he’d had enough of the rumors. Anthony responded to a slew of commenters, saying things like “you wouldn’t know the triangle if it was right there in front of you,” in reference to Jackson’s infamous triangle offense he is trying to implement in the team’s play, and “DRAMA? There’s no drama. Why would there be? Y’all will learn soon enough.”

The IG comment that confirmed fans may have gotten a little hasty was when a fan commented that he could not wait to see Porzingis play, to which Anthony replied “I can’t wait either. He’s a steal.”

Whether or not Anthony was just trying to diffuse a situation that got completely out of control, nobody really knows, but thanks to Porzingis’ brother Janis via ESPN radio, we do know that Anthony reached out to Porzingis to clear up the unnecessary drama. Kudos, Melo.

Hopefully, that has squashed the drama, for now at least, and whoever has any pent up anger will leave it all on the court.

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