No More Sex In Your Relationship ? See What Sexpert Tracey Cox Has To Say

Photo Credit :Flickr

Photo Credit :Flickr

If you and your significant other have put sex on pause then maybe you should fix that.

Almost 10 per cent  of married couples aged 36-55 never have sex anymore.”Sexpert” Tracey Cox says that a lack of sexual activity is directly linked with divorce and a failed marriage.

According to a study by The Times sex columnist Suzy Godson of married couples aged 36-55, 44 per cent had sex weekly, 32 had sex monthly, 11 per cent had sex annually, 9 per cent never have sex and 4 per cent had sex every day.

Studies show that lack of interest in sex was one of the most common reasons given for couples not having it regularly. Everyone who stops having sex is risking their relationship.

Here’s why you should have sex says Tracey Cox below:

“We get more from sex than we think. Not only does it keep us physically satisfied, it provides much-needed excitement and stimulation in our lives. Sex makes us feel wanted and attractive, needed and admired. We feel emotionally connected to the person we’re having sex with: touching and orgasm releases endorphins (feel good chemicals) which create a feeling of well being. Satisfying sex also boosts our immune system and promotes production of a substance called oxytocin, making us feel warm and snuggly. Because it makes our blood pump furiously, sex is good for the heart in a physical sense, but also in an emotional capacity. Sex reduces stress and frustration levels, makes our skin glow, our hair shine and our eyes sparkle.”

Cox also said ” Stop having sex with each other and you risk both of you wanting to have sex with someone else. It’s that simple. So if your excuse for not ‘doing it’ is simply that neither of you feel like it anymore because you’ve been together ‘forever’ and it seems like ‘such an effort’ and you’d both ‘really honestly watch telly together’, perhaps you might like to have a little rethink.”

So if you’re in this stage in your relationship with your partner reconsider what not having sex can do to you and your relationship. Spice up the bedroom and get that love back Hotzoners !

If you want further info on how to get the fire back watch what Tracey Cox has to say below.


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