NYC Can No Longer Refuse Alcohol To Expectant Mothers

Photo credit: Morgue file

Photo credit: Morgue file

Yay! We’re finally liberated!! Not!! Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Human Right Commission just made this awesome I mean awful new rule. Wow well things are the around the world including New York City have just got weirder and more hectic. Now bars can no longer refuse serving alcohol to pregnant women. Well that has to be the dumbest news of the day. Before I get into as to why drinking alcohol while pregnant has been proven to be dangerous let me explain why this is even an issue.

According to new guide lines New York City bars can no longer refuse alcohol service to pregnant women. Yes that is correct they can no longer refuse to take part in harming an unborn child. According to the New York City Human Rights Commission they want to “eliminate discrimination in the workplace or in public.” Since when is it discrimination to try and protect unborn children from harm that comes with drinking alcohol while pregnant. What happens if a doctor were to see a pregnant woman drinking knowing the risk factors is he or she is just supposed to stand there and do nothing? Well apparently they are just supposed to stand there and do nothing.

Well apparently The Commission wants to take away policies that “single out pregnant individuals.” Really do they even know the effects of drinking while pregnant? These policies that “exclude pregnant individuals” are there for a reason not to make the mother feel bad but because whatever she does or doesn’t do affects the baby, what she eats affects the baby and her in the long run.

Drinking while pregnant is a very dangerous and serious thing which is why most pregnant women either don’t drink or have a sip once or twice throughout there pregnancy. Babies are born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome otherwise known as FAS this condition will affect the baby and the rest of the child’s life as a result of drinking while pregnant. I know facts are harmful more harmful than “discrimination” against pregnant women. It is not in any way to single the expectant mother out by any means but it is to protect her and her unborn child. We are now living in an age of selfishness what I want, what I need, it’s all about me and nobody else matters. Newsflash learn this and learn it well it’s not always about you and what you want or need. Once you find out you’re going to be a parent it’s about the children and what’s safe for them it has nothing to do with discrimination.

The Commission gave specific examples of “discrimination” that pregnant women may face, including, “A restaurant policy that prohibits staff from serving pregnant individuals raw fish or alcohol,” or “A bouncer denies a pregnant individual entrance to a bar based on the belief that pregnant individuals should not be going to bars and/or drinking alcohol.” When people are worried what a pregnant woman does it’s because they care and now we are being told this whole time it’s not because we care but because we are discriminating. Now we have to be sorry for caring.

No one is saying a pregnant can’t fun but there are limitations and anything can cause harm even stress. Too much stress is bad for the mother and the BABY!! Have we become that selfish and that self-involved that we can’t even accept that what we do has consequences?

I know some people may think what if it’s just one drink? It might be one, but what if it’s not?The bartender can’t stop her anymore unless she gets really drunk then he’ll have to cut her off unless they take that away too. Now it’s a free for all. I can’t wait until I’m pregnant. Happy Hour here I come.

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  1. donutnuts says:

    jeezz… no amount of alcohol is safe when pregnant. I stopped drinking months before we ttc.. after cycles of pregnancytips, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.. 🙂

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