NYPD Off Duty Cop Shoots Man Dead In Front of Girlfriend and Children

Photo Credit: Morgue fIle

Photo Credit: Morgue File

Wayne Isaac, a 37-year-old cop from Brooklyn, of the NYPD of 3 years shot and killed Delrawn Small from Sunnyside, Queens after a reported road rage incident. Smalls girlfriend and his baby with her three kids were still in the car and saw the whole thing. Witnesses reportedly say the incident happened as the off-duty police officer, who just ended a shift from 4pm-12am. Delrawn Smalls driving a 2016 Kia was allegedly cut off by the officer who was driving a 2002 Nissan Altima. Police sources reportedly have said that Smalls reportedly got out of his car and went up to the car of the officer (Isaac) punching him in the face and in the mouth. That is when Isaac pulled out his service pistol and opened fire. Smalls was shot twice in the torso. A construction worker named Lloyd Banks, 43 reportedly saw a different sequence of events.

“Delrawn and the cop’s car almost hit each other. And Delrawn reportedly got out the car and the cop just jumped out and started screaming. He just shot him (Smalls) right there on the street….He was unarmed his girlfriend and kids were still in the car. They saw everything.”

A full-blown investigation has obviously been launched with a search warrant for Wayne Isaac’s vehicle, and the look into why he used deadly force in a road rage incident. Wayne reportedly also from Brooklyn pulled out his service weapon and fired on Delrawn Smalls reportedly from the front seat. Witnesses confirm that Smalls got out of his car first. Family members are sadden by the terrible turn of events as Smalls and his family were headed to a cook out, His girlfriend Zaquanna Albert posted on Facebook her hurt and sorrow for her child and his murdered father. She recalled that Smalls rebuffed her when she pleaded with him to not get out of the car. She said her boyfriend had a few drinks that night at a Fourth of July cook-out.

“Words can’t begin to explain the pain I feel right now,…My heart aches for this man and my son who will never remember his dad.” – Zaquanna Albert

Normally I frown upon bringing up people’s past, but Smalls reportedly was arrested 19 times with 3 terms behind bars. So he definitely wasn’t a push over or going to back down after being cut off. He was a “tough guy” to my understanding and this night just didn’t turn out right for him his family or the off duty police officer. Wayne Isaac is now under investigation as the probe into this murder unfolds, as Wayne will have to testify as to why he used deadly force on the man.

In New Jersey we do not have a self-defense law but we all know you can’t bring a gun to a fist fight. In New Jersey there is the

Castle Doctrine, which allows you to blow someone away if you are being attacked in either your home, or your vehicle which is also considered your “Castle.” 

If one of the two stories deem to be right can be the end for one life as we know it or two. New York state does require you to do Defensive Driving courses which teaches you about road rage in a 8 hour course I believe. I had to do it when I first got my license. Defensive driving teaches you about not tailing other cars driving for you and them in a sense of being patient. It also touches on road rage and again where patience and understanding can go a long way. I think every state should mandate it. New Jersey does not require it. I again think it’s a good idea and this is a perfect, but tragic event of what could happen when you think you own the road, or the world. More as the story unfolds.

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