Oh, How the Tables Have Turned: Woman Harasses Men in New York

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Photo Credit: Morguefile

You’ve probably heard the calls a million times.

“Hey, legs!”

“What’s up, gorgeous?”

“Hey, beautiful, why don’t we stop and get to know each other?”

These calls are colloquially known as “catcalling,” which usually involves a man sexually harassing a woman in public. But now, the Internet is turning that male-dominated phenomenon on its head. Most recently, it happened in a video filmed in New York.

The idea for the video was conceived by two comedians, SJ Son and Ginny Leise. They refer to their experiment as “Drive-by Street Harassment.” According to Son, this idea wasn’t conceived with social justice in mind. The duo didn’t have a specific angle to explore – they just wanted to experiment with something.

However, the comedians say they’ve experienced male-dominated catcalling before. Son commented that the two have been verbally harassed in Brooklyn many times, so they just wanted to turn the tables to see what might happen.

They were also concerned about the safety of the project, since they couldn’t predict how the men would react to their catcalling. As far as we know, no one was physically harmed as a result of the project, but some men were obviously offended by their remarks. And wasn’t that kind of what you expected?

You can watch the video below, but it does contain some sensitive, graphic language.

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One Response to Oh, How the Tables Have Turned: Woman Harasses Men in New York

  1. Jason Robinson says:

    Hilarious how the men were sooooo not bothered lol

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