Olympic Pools Turning Green

credit: morguefile.com

credit: morguefile.com

Fans of the Rio Olympics 2016 noticed an odd phenomenon last night when the diving pool seemed to be turning green. Many laughed it off as a fluke, some professed genuine worry, but no one expected it to become an even bigger problem.

That is, until today, when the water polo pool started to do just the same thing. Turn green.

Olympic officials announced that algae in the water was causing the color change in both pools; but, as of late evening Wednesday, they didn’t seem to be making any efforts to correct the issues.

This is not an innocuous problem, as they are playing it off to be. Algae can cause serious safety issues because of water-clouding (meaning a lifeguard would have trouble seeing a drowning swimmer) and slippage. It can also promote the growth of harmful bacteria under some circumstances.

It’s also gross. Algae is slimy and a green pool is not something many people associate with positive images.

They should definitely be moving more quickly to rectify this situation. Of course Olympic swimmers pose little risk of drowning, but anything can happen. One cramp or head injury and water no one can see through could lead to very dire results.

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