Oncologist Gets 45 Years in Prison

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Farid Fata, an oncologist from Michigan, was sentenced to 45 years in prison on Friday. Reportedly, he sobbed as he received his sentence. The doctor “inflicted excessive and painful cancer treatments on hundreds of patients” and many of them didn’t even have cancer to begin with.

This week in court, a number of Fata’s victims delivered emotional testimonies about how his treatments ruined them. Fata began his scams in many upscale offices in the suburbs of Detroit. His defense lawyer informed the judge that by getting 45 years, Fata was probably going to die in prison.

Fata then spoke publicly for the first time since he was arrested in August 2013. The court often couldn’t tell what he was saying because his tears clouded up his voice. However, Fata did say that he blamed greediness and his need to “self destruct” in order to gain power.

“They came to me seeking compassion and care,” he lamented. “I failed them.”

Fata could barely hold it together. Something tells us he wasn’t crying because he tortured his former patients but because he has to serve the rest of his life behind bars. He admitted that his “sins are many” and apparently asked U.S. District Judge Paul Borman for mercy. In response, Borman referred to Fata’s crimes as “huge” and “horrific.”

The victims present wore bright yellow, which was supposedly representative of the last day Fata would see the sun. They were quiet and kept their composure until after the verdict was in. Ultimately, a lot of them were disappointed. They wished Fata would receive 175 years in prison. However, Fata’s lawyers argued for 25.

Geraldine Parkin, whose husband went through chemotherapy he didn’t need, commented, “It’s not enough.”

“We expected more,” Steve Flagg added. His wife, Monica, found out about her misdiagnosis after her leg snapped in half. He thought that Fata’s crying was all for show, and we agree.

Fata is 50 years old, married, and he has children. In September, he pleaded guilty to a myriad of criminal charges. He pleaded guilty to healthcare fraud, money laundering, and looking for kickbacks. Papers from the court claim that Fata scammed about 500 patients. He told some patients that they had cancer when they didn’t, and he gave patients who did have cancer treatment that was too intense.

Approximately 24 victims testified against Fata. They told the court that they feared dying and now experiencing persistent health problems because of the unnecessary cancer treatment. Some of them filed civil suits, complaining that they didn’t know why Fata wasn’t exposed sooner.

We wish the victims peace and comfort.

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