Oregon Shooter’s Mom Discusses Guns And Her Son

Photo credit: Morgue file

Photo credit: Morgue file

The mother of the gunman, Laurel Harper, who murdered nine people at a community college in Oregon discuss guns and how her son had a disorder.

Harper has been posting statements on are limited and incomplete, but they seem to indicate two things: that her son, Chris Harper-Mercer, had a developmental disorder, and that the family had a familiarity with firearms and gun laws, according to CNN.

Investigators are aware of Harper’s alleged social media postings and her son’s online writings. Sgt. Jeff Eichenbusch of Roseburg police said that Harper is part of the investigation, just as would be any person who was close to the gunman, according to a spokesman for the agencies looking into last week’s fatal shooting.

Laurel Harper’s apparent online writings come in the form of posts to several websites, usually about health topics.

Postings by Harper refer to her having a child with a disorder on the autism spectrum and of the family having strong pro-gun views.

Harper’s account linked to complains about “lame states” that consider a loaded magazine inside the home the same as having a loaded gun.

“I keep all my mags full. I keep two full mags in my Glock case. And the ARs & AKs all have loaded mags. No one will be ‘dropping’ by my house uninvited..,” posted Harper.

In another post, Harper answered a hypothetical question of how gunmen might be charged and sentenced–she then argues which gun laws would apply, citing “my son, who has much knowledge in this field.”

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