Perhaps Feeling Left Out Of The Olympics, North Korea Test Fires A Missile

photo credit: morguefile

photo credit: morguefile

Under Security Council resolutions, aimed partially at curbing North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons, the communist country is prohibited from carrying out ballistic missile launches.

That didn’t stop North Korea, who can not even feed it’s own people, from firing a ballistic missile from a submarine in response to war games being played out by it’s fierce rival and neighbor South Korea and it’s most hated western power; The United States. Or perhaps they were just feeling left out since the Olympic games just ended in Rio and they weren’t invited. Hey Kim Jong Un, try feeding your people more than gruel instead of spending your money on missiles that never seem to get more than a few hundred miles from your own country.

North Korea is like the bully who lives on your block but is put on permanent restriction by his parents and is unable to leave the yard. They are dangerous, only if you go into their yard. Have you seen North Korea’s yard? Nobody has any need to go in there. In this case, North Korea saw two neighborhood kids playing outside and it decided to shoot a bottle rocket up into the air as a way of saying; “Hey, don’t forget about me. I still hate you guys and i’m crazy, so don’t come anywhere near me.” Don’t worry, North Korea. We won’t. Maybe we will just send Dennis Rodman back over there. See how you like dealing with him for awhile.

Usually when North Korea fires a missile, it lands harmlessly in the Sea of Japan. North Korea has launched more than 30 test missiles since Kim Jong Un, the country’s leader, took power in 2011. North Korea promised to retaliate if the war games being played out by South Korea and the US posed any threat at all. I guess they felt pretty threatened because they launched a missile from a nuclear submarine and the US is still trying to determine whether the launch was successful.

It was successful only of getting a few headlines. Now, think of all the food that missile could have bought the starving people of North Korea. Kim Jong Un is a dick, and he deserves an ass like Dennis Rodman.

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