Petition Wants Kanye West Out of Pan Am Games

Photo Credit: BET/THZ Photo Library

Photo Credit: BET/THZ Photo Library

We know not everyone is a big fan of Kanye. In fact, we are well aware that many people are Kanye haters. But we didn’t know that the disliking of Kanye was this intense!

Apparently, it’s intense enough to gain a petition with over 30,000 signatures against his performance…

The Pan Am Games in Toronto recently announced that rapper, Kanye West, will be performing at their closing ceremonies. But not everyone was satisfied with their selection.

A online petition asking the organization to replace West with a different performer gained more that 30,000 supporters as of Thursday night.

The petition against West’s performance seems to be mainly from Toronto residents who would prefer one of their own, rather than the American rapper, to appear at the games. The aim of the petition states that they petitioners would like the Pan Am organization “to ask a proud Torontonian (or even a Canadian for that matter) to perform instead on July 26.”

The petitioners even threw out some suggestions, like Drake, Walk Off The Earth, Feist, and Metric.

Petitioners took to writing on the petition in order to express their reasoning for giving their signature.

“Kanye West’s words and conduct are antithetical to the spirit of PanAm Games,” one petitioner commented. “Canada abounds in musical talent that is undoubtedly better-suited for this event and should be featured at the closing ceremonies.”

But don’t worry Kanye!

Despite all of this upheaval over the announcement, many Torontonians were overjoyed about the announcement of West’s performance.

“PRAISE YEEZUS!” wrote one fan on Facebook.

Toronto rapper Maestro, who performed at the open ceremonies, said that he understands the disappointment in the choice of a non-Canadian, but that West is in fact an international sensation.

“It would have been nice to see a Canadian but you know what, that’s a staple for hip-hop right there, so a shoutout to Kanye, a shoutout to Canada,” the musician told CBC TV.

See? At least Maestro is a team player.

Either way, it appears to be way too late to change the lineup for the performance.

It appears West has already signed on the dotted line and given his initials. The head of the Games organization said that the contracts have already been signed through Live Nation, a Pan Am sponsor and concert promoter.

Pan Am Games CEO, Saad Rafi, wants to remind Canadians that it’s not all about them.

“Let’s not forget, these are the Pan American Games, which include the Americas and the Carribbean. It’s highly appropriate to have artists from those countries of origin,” Rafi said.

The CEO went on to remind viewers that closing ceremonies are mainly for the athletes participating in the Games, rather than the general public. Rafi backed up his statement by revealing that several of the athletes competing listen to Kanye West’s music while working out.

Well, there you have it!

Miami native rapper, Pitbull and Canadian singer, Serena Ryder, will join Kanye West for the July 26th show.

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