Planned Parenthood Banned From Teaching Students Sexual Educations In Alaskan Schools

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

The Alaskan Senate passed a bill this past Friday that restricted abortion providers, like the well known Planned Parenthood from teaching sex education in all public schools in Alaska. The bill didn’t bluntly call out Planned Parenthood, although, it collects the largest amount students learning about sexual education, averaging at about 2,000 total student per year. Republican state senator explained, “The abortion providers are a business, they’re in our schools to recruit our kids as agents of their business, and they’re in our schools to recruit kids for potential clients later on down the road. This is a process of indoctrination, and it’s getting worse.”

Alaska is one of the many states that doesn’t mandate sexual as a requirement education for graduating. But, that being said, statistics show that it’s rate of STD’s and teen pregnancy is significantly higher than the national average

Before the bill is completely passed it must go through the House of Representatives first. Hopefully, they make the right decision by keeping Planned Parenthood as a useful resource to promote safe sex.

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