President Obama Shuts Heckler Down

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President Obama
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President Obama has a reputation of being relaxed when people publicly heckle him. He usually responds with a joke or a shrug. But on Wednesday, when Obama spoke at an LGBT pride month event, someone he personally invited turned on him. And the President was not having any of that.

The heckler was a lady in a black dress. According to a press release, her name is Jennicet Gutierrez, and she is from the anti-deportation group Not1More. Gutierrez is reportedly transgender. When she heckled the President during his speech, Obama responded with, “Hey. Listen. You’re in my house… My attitude is if you’re eating the hors d’oeuvres… You know what I’m saying?”

Later, he shamed Gutierrez for heckling and asked security if they could “escort this person out” if she did not keep quiet. When Gutierrez kept heckling, Obama had her removed from the East Room.

Apparently, the reason Gutierrez heckled the President was that she “felt she could not celebrate” all the good things Obama has done for the LGBT community in the United States. She is a staunch advocate in Not1More, and she claimed she could not be satisfied while so many transgender individuals were being detained in U.S. Immigration and Customs.

Apart from this disruption, which lasted about two minutes, the event was a success. Obama felt the country has a lot to celebrate, even while the Supreme Court is still deciding what to do about same-sex marriage. The President realizes that no matter what they decide, there has been an overwhelming increase in acceptance of gay marriage while he has been President. After all, when his presidency began, same-sex marriage was legal in just two states. Currently, it is legal in 37 states as well as the District of Columbia. Hecklers aside, pride is taking a hugely positive hold on the United States.

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