Privileged Stanford Student Only Gets 6 Months for 3 Felony Counts of Rape…Is this justice? Or selective justice?

Morgue File

Morgue File

Brock Turner a 20-year-old, former Stanford Division I swimmer, is now a registered sex offender for the rest of his life. On January 17th Brock reportedly sexually assaulted a woman, escorting her sister to a college party. The night took a turn for the worst for the woman and she remembered nothing of her attack as she was unconscious. Two bike riders passing by saw a man (Brock) reportedly behind a dumpster, thrusting himself on top of a woman’s body that was not moving. The two men intervened chased Brock down and held him until the police got there. “You don’t know me,but you’ve been inside me” are the words the victim used to face her attacker in a 12 page letter she read at his court sentencing.

“You don’t know me, but you’ve been inside me, and that’s why we’re here today.” – Brock Turners Rape Victim

The crime Brock committed could have placed him in jail for 14 year’s in prison for the 3 counts of sexual assault he was convicted of. The judge however said longer time would have “sever impact” on Brock’s life. This is where the story started to make me sick and I thought again of what “justice” really means and who it means it for. Brock’s fathers letter to the judge before his sentencing included this had detrimental impact on Brock’s life as well as he can “no longer eat rib-eyed steak”…are you kidding me?!

When I hear news like this it is no surprise anymore. The justice system is designed to adhere to a certain social class of people when it conveniences them. This while in all I think is violating are Civil Rights as citizens of the United States if America. Brock’s father whined on about his future while the victim was left not wanting to be a prisoner in her own body for the rest of her life. Often people who are privileged, rich whatever you want to call it are thrown passes for crimes committed because their sheltered lifestyle permits the to not be exposed to such things as harsher prison sentences, location, etc. The woman’s 12 page letter page letter has sparked an out cry from people all over. She directed the letter straight to her attacker, Brock. They now are trying to recall the Judge who sentenced the young rapist to only 6 months on 3 felony counts of sexual assault.

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