Racism Doesn’t Pay

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On Friday, Charleston Shooter Dylan Roof made headlines again. This time, it wasn’t for being a racist murderer or over whether or not he should receive the death penalty for killing 9 black churchgoers last year. Nope, this time it was because a black inmate attacked Roof, who was on his way to his morning shower and whose escorting officer had stepped away from his post briefly.

The man who punched Roof in the face and back, Dwayne Stafford, received a flood of donations after the incident made national headlines. “Fans” of Stafford, or people with basic anti-racist humanity, quickly figured out that sending money directly to Stafford’s jail commissary (their allowance of sorts) was the best way to get him their thank you dollars.

Stafford has been in jail for over a year on 1st degree assault and strong armed robbery charges. Within one day of attacking Roof, he had enough money to make his $100,000 bond and get out of jail.

Financially funding violence doesn’t make me happy, per se. I was livid when people like George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson received hundreds of thousands of dollars for executing unarmed black teenagers. What Mr. Stafford did, however, was act on behalf of all of us who know what Dylan Roof did. Roof has a famous lawyer defending both his federal and state capital cases, a lawyer who will do anything he can to convince the court that Roof’s actions were anything less than heinous. Stafford’s attack was a reminder to the young bigot that no matter what the court decides, there are many who see him for what he is and who will not forget what he did.

Roof entered a Charleston Church in January of 2015, prayed with congregants for an hour and then opened fire, killing 9 people. He stated that he wanted to start a race war and materials found online showed him supporting Nazi and KKK ideals and glorifying the Civil War and guns.

Stafford’s assault coincides with an assault on Trayvon Martin murderer George Zimmerman. Zimmerman alleges he was punched in the face while witnesses state he was “bragging” about Martin’s murder. Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder in that case.

It is unlikely that Roof will go free at the end of his trial; if he is allowed to live, however, he will have to live knowing he tried to start a race war and that there are people out there, like Stafford, who are willing to call his bluff.


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