Raven Symoné’s Dad Writes Open Letter About His Daughter’s Comment

Credit: Morgue File

Credit: Morgue File

Last Thursday on The View, the co-hosts discussed the topic of UCLA’s newest studying showing that Americans tend to make racist assumptions based on a person’s name. One of the co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, was the one to introduce the topic and played a YouTube video called ’60 Most Ghetto Names.’

One of the names from the video that sparked comments from co-host Raven Symonè was “Watermelondrea.” Symonè said on the show that she herself would never hire someone if they had the name “Watermelondrea,” and made her opinion known that she doesn’t think it is “racist” to judge someone based on their name but “discriminatory.”

Some of Symonè’s critics say that she is a hypocrite, as she herself has a unique name, and that for her to make such comments gives people the go ahead to judge people based on their names.

One of the critics to speak up about Symonè’s comments was her father, Christopher Pearman. He made known his feelings towards his daughter’s comment by penning an “open letter.” Pearman said in his letter than he did not agree with her comment and called it an “inexcusable gaffe,” and noted that she is almost thirty years old but she is a grown woman, making “grown a** mistakes.”

As he closed the letter, he noted that Symonè is a “beautiful, sweetheart, human being,” and that he should know since he is her father. He also said, that he and her mother love her very much and will always have her back “Even if sometimes…she says some dumb S#%T.”

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