Real-Life ‘Fault In Our Stars’ Couple: Wife Katie Prager Dies Just Days After Losing Husband Dalton

Credit: Morguefile/badlong

Credit: Morguefile/badlong

More heartbreaking news from the real-life Fault in Our Stars couple.

As previously reported, Dalton Prager, the husband in the couple, passed away on Sept. 17, at just 25-years old.

Just days later, on Sept. 22, 26-year-old Katie Prager, the wife, passed away due to complications from cystic fibrosis and a lung transplant.

Her mother, Debra Donovan, confirmed the news on Facebook.

“Early this morning, she gained her wish of being at home, in her bed, surrounded by her mom, dad, brother and her dogs, dying peacefully, away from the hospital, tubes, IVs,” Donovan wrote, according to CNN. “The days to follow will not be easy but I find comfort in knowing that my girl lived, she really lived.”

Dalton and Katie fell in love when they were just 18-years old. They met on Facebook, but Katie was urged not to meet Dalton in person. Katie had cystic fibrosis, and Dalton had a highly contagious infection for people with cystic fibrosis called Burkholderia cepacia. Despite the risk she could contract the bacteria, Katie met him anyway.

Katie ended up contracting the bacteria, but the couple let their love blossom. They later married and bought a house.

Shortly before her death, Katie referred to these days as “great.”

“We did stuff; we had fun. It was like something out of a fairy tale,” she said.

At the time of Dalton’s passing, Katie, unfortunately, could not be there due to being in hospice care. She FaceTimed with him as he passed away.

In the days before her death, Katie told CNN that had she and Dalton had the chance to write a book, it would have been a “bestseller,” and it would have ended with them living “happily ever after.”

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