Reggie Jackson Curses Out Fan For Trying To Get His Autograph

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Reggie Jackson was upset over a fan who asked for his autograph more than once.

The baseball player was in Cooperstown, NY for the baseball hall of fame ceremonies when he encountered this incident.

“I already signed one,” he screamed at the fan, “and you go back to the f—— line and come up again. That’s f—– up. Now it’s my time to eat dinner with people I seldom see. It’s f—– up. Pay for them like everybody else.”

Reggie is known for being moody, however, a source reported that he was actually provoked this time around.

“I was signing autographs here last year at 11:00 at night,” Jackson later stated. “There were about 50 people standing outside a store that was closed. I said, ‘No bats, no jerseys. I’ll sign one for everyone.’ I signed about 20, and one guy came back around for a second time. I said, ‘OK, everyone. This guy has screwed it up for everyone. I’m done.’ I turned away and that was it. Confrontations are very rare. You’re here with the Hall of Fame and different groups and friends, so you disparage yourself and your name when it happens. It’s something you’re aware of and you deal with it. You go about it the best you can.”

Earlier today, however, Jackson took to Twitter to apologize for his vulgar attitude.

“A sincere apology for my profanity in public to all fans. Certainly not a way to communicate. Mad or not, no excuse.”

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