Rihanna Slams Matt Barnes Dating Rumors With Embarassing IG Post

THZ Photo Library: Rihanna Photo Credit:SeeSantana.com

THZ Photo Library: Rihanna
Photo Credit:SeeSantana.com

You know that Kermit the Frog meme where he’s awkwardly sipping on his tea? Yeah, that’s probably the most perfect response to the Matt Barnes and Rihanna ordeal.

The singing sensation definitely did not take kindly to Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes insinuation that he and Rihanna were dating because she not only slammed the rumors, but his self-esteem has just got to be killing him when he gets up in the morning.

Seriously, it was like watching bait get fed to a pack of piranhas. Rihanna holds NO punches.

Barnes told TMZ that though the rumors of them going on dates were false, he did claim they were friends who may have just moved beyond the crush phase. Unfortunately for Barnes, Rihanna is claiming that he’s never even met the basketball star.

For nearly 25 million followers to see and subsequently mock, Rihanna posted a screenshot of Matt Barnes during the TMZ interview with the following hashtags as her caption:








Get this man some band aids because OUCH!

It might be safe to say that after this post Matt Barnes has definitely awoken from his fantasy, where he has apparently met Rihanna. Someone should probably mention that flirting with Rihanna via Twitter doesn’t exactly constitute as meeting her.

On the other hand, she is a pretty mesmerizing woman and Rihanna did go pretty hard. Should we forgive Matt Barnes for having a momentary lapse of mental sanity due to Rihanna’s beauty?


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