Rio De Janeiro Olympics Upset By A Host Of Problems

Photo Credit: Morgue File

Photo Credit: Morgue File

The 2016 Summer Olympic will be held in Rio De Janeiro this year on August 5, 2016. With all of the events happening in Brazil, this will deem a challenge. In a city of 6.5 million people Brazil is scrambling to host the biggest sports event of the year. From an impoverished city, to political and economic problems, to drug and crime waves, and last but not least the mosquito born Zika Virus that could affect half a million visitors. The Rule of Health Organization rejected the warning, but instructed pregnant women to stay away from Olympics all together. The pollution caused by the Guanabara Bay that is polluted by the cities sewer pipes and runs into the Bay. Yuck! This seems to be a problem for the sailors and swimmers who don’t want to swim in those conditions. From violence unfolding on the visitors to unrest in the city the Mayor stresses this is not a “first world city.” A bike trail that was supposed to be used for the Olympics along the cliff side shore was washed away by waves killing two people last year.

Its one event after another that are causing people to wonder if attending the Olympics in Rio will be a good idea this year. Athletes have already said they can not make it, including Steph Curry, due to his injury and reportedly due to the threat of the Zika Virus. Brazil has taken steps to fight the Zika Virus and the mosquito’s that carry them, by making billboards that kill thousands of mosquito’s a day. It was invented to mimic human breathing and sweating to attract and trap the mosquito’s. Once the mosquito is trapped it will die of dehydration. The blueprint for the billboard has been made available online and cost an estimated $10,000 to make.

A body, or parts of it has been found on the beach of the site where the Volley Ball tournament will take place. It has caused a new set of unrest in the city and for the expected visitors watching the news. The city officials have an investment at stake for the Olympics to be held in Rio. This is a billion dollar event and the city wants and needs it. They have started buying out Shanty Town of Rio offering the residents money to leave, but some are staying and want the Government to clean it up, not just for the Olympics, but for them as citizens as well. The officials say everything is fine, but then again they would. they are promising 85,000 security. The water in Guanabara Bay is so contaminated with human feces, a person could get anything from diarrhea to Hepatitis A. Well if that isn’t enough to stay away, I don’t know what is. City officials ensure that the city will be ready despite all of that. Beijing will be the host of the 2022 Winter Olympic games, as it was just announced.

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