Rumors Confirmed? Katie Holmes Dating Jamie Foxx After No-Dating Clause Ends?

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Since Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise finalized their divorce in 2012, there have been rumors that their divorce papers included an unusual clause for Holmes to adhere to. In order to reportedly receive more than $7 million, Holmes allegedly signed an agreement that required her to not publicly date anyone for five years after the divorce. According to reports, if she had broken this clause, she may not have been able to receive the more than $3 million in child support and $3 million for herself from the settlement with Cruise.

For almost as long as those rumors have circulated, rumors about Holmes’ apparent romance with Jamie Foxx have also circulated.

This week, both sets of rumors seemed to be confirmed when Foxx and Holmes stepped out publicly, not only together but also publicly showing affection.

The pair were spotted together on a beach in Malibu holding hand and sharing smiles, confirming what has long been speculated by less and fans.

Foxx and Holmes were first rumored to be together in 2013, nearly a year after her divorce from Cruise ended their 6 year marriage. Cruise and Holmes had gotten hitched after dating for only 7 weeks, with Cruise making an embarrassing spectacle of his alleged feelings for Holmes. There are also continuing rumors that Cruise’s membership in the Church of Scientology had an impact on the marriage’s demise.

Although neither Foxx nor Holmes have publicly (verbally) confirmed the relationship, they’ve both been all smiles since the photos surfaced and when asked by paparazzi and journalists about the relationship. That is enough evidence for most.

And if it’s not, the rumored no-dating clause would have expired in June, a timeline which is a little too convenient not to be based in some kind of truth.

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