Schools Now Monitor Students Social Media Accounts

Credit: Morgue File

Credit: Morgue File

Schools can monitor social media accounts!

A brand new program is built for several schools  that can officially monitor the social media accounts of students. It is being described as a safety precaution by administrators but as “unwarranted snooping by parents.”

Facebook, Twitter along with other social media accounts of students is handled by the program where it can work both on and off campus.

“It monitors key words that could present threats, for example ‘gun’ or ‘attack’ or ‘kill’ or words of that nature,” said Bill Sublette, chairman of Florida’s Orange County School Board.

Some schools are stating that the ultimate goal of the program is to “prevent school violence.” Therefore, they rapidly refer to several school shootings in the past, in particular, a shooting where the gunman involved had posted threats on social media before the violent acts.

“Because social media can be the source of bullying, school threats or masked cries for help, we believe it is appropriate to monitor public sites where anybody can view comments,” said the Orange County School Board.

“The bottom line here from the perspective of the school administrator is that it’s better to be safe than sorry,” said Daniel Domenech, executive director of American Association of School Administrators.

Is it an invasion of privacy? Some parents think so.

“Their role isn’t to parent,” said parent Valerie Radcliffe. “They need to stick to educating our children and let the parents parent.”

Some students think so as well!

“By them monitoring your social media, it’s kind of like they’re inviting themselves to sit at your kitchen table at Sunday dinner,” said student Brooke Lynn Radcliffe. “It’s not okay.”

Do you agree with the program?

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