Selena Gomez Admits That Fame Doesn’t Make Her Happy

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During an interview on Oct.22, at WE Day in Vancouver , actress Selena Gomez revealed that being famous doesn’t make her happy.

The “Rudderless” actress spoke about the downside of fame. She opened up saying that the society we live in is “a little bit more vain”.

“We also live in a time where everything is a little bit more vain…it’s about paparazzi shots, it’s about social lights, it’s a little bit more about things that are glamorized. And when you have all this stuff it doesn’t mean you’re hapy.

She continued, “I can speak for myself…I’m so blessed. But when I don’t have that to actually give back to help other people…that’s why I love WE day…it isn’t just me, it’s ‘We’ and that’s what I think is so important,” she revealed. “So I hope and I’m glad Jlo is here and everyone got to be a part of this.”

”You are not defined by an Instagram photo by a comment. That does not define you,” she said. “The trick is to focus on the love. Every rude comment, every person that tries to hurt you personally or though the Internet, I want you to forgive them. Just forgive them.”

It’s nice to see a hot young Hollywood actress admit that everything isn’t always gilt and glam in the industry.

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