Sentence Upheld for Man Who Beat Pregnant Girlfriend

Credit: Morgue File

Jamar Woody was sentenced to 8 years in prison this past January in a brutal crime caught on surveillance video. That sentence, 2 years more than the maximum according to sentencing guidelines in Roanoke, Virginia where the crime took place, was upheld by a judge Monday. 

While shopping at a convenience store on June 8, 2016, , a surveillance camera captures Woody viciously attacking his girlfriend, Shatory Irving, who is seen using crutches and was 3 months pregnant at the time. He slams his arm into her head, and proceeds to repeatedly punch her and kick her even after she’s fallen to the ground; the store’s clerk who is noticeably smaller than Woody, fails to get him to stop until he has delivered multiple blows. 

What shocked most involved in the case as much as the painfully graphic video was that Irving showed up to defend Woody in court. 

In contrast, more than one doctor testified to Irving’s injuries after the attack, stating that she had an inch-long gash in her head which exposed part of her skull. There was, however, no reported complication with her pregnancy and she delivered a healthy child in the fall. 

In her testimony, Irving described damaging property belonging to Woody and his family as well as violating a restraining order Woody had taken out against her in 2014.  Woody’s defense called the relationship “volatile” and “toxic.” The jury, which had palpable responses when the surveillance footage was shown in court, found him guilty of malicious wounding and sentenced to 8 years. 

Woody’s sister and mother testified that he has had a history of mental illness in addition to a criminal record; his mother testified that a lack of quality mental health treatment during incarceration has exacerbated Woody’s mental health issues. She also claims that Woody attempted suicide in prison after his sentencing in January.

Woody begged the judge not to make him watch his sons “grow up through pictures” as well as stating: “I’m not fit to take this right now.” Woody reportedly hyperventilated during the court appearance and his testimony Monday, but the judge upheld the 8 year sentence, saying that it was not “unreasonable” considering the extent of the crime. 

The judge, Chris Clemens, did state that he would add mandatory psychiatric treatment to Woody’s 8 year sentence and encouraged Woody to work on his anger. Additionally, he added two years of post-release supervision to the original sentence. 

When he attacked Irving, Woody was on probation for a federal drug conviction from 2008 and may now have his suspended time in that case revoked. 
The video, included below, is graphic and brutal; it is not recommended for all audiences and may be triggering.

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