South Carolina Votes to Remove Confederate Flag

Credit: MorgueFile

Credit: MorgueFile

According to South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, “It’s a new day in South Carolina.” We couldn’t agree with her more. On Thursday, the House voted to remove the Confederate flag from the state. This follows some seriously moving speeches on Wednesday and moving the bill to the House on Tuesday. Ultimately, the Senate passed the bill with a 36-3 vote.

The Confederate flag has especially been an issue since nine, innocent lives were claimed in Charleston’s Emanuel Church in June. Some residents of South Carolina believed that the flag should stay up because it was a piece of Southern history. However, what seems to be the majority of South Carolina thought it perpetuated racism and tragedy, which is why it should be removed.

Representative Wendell Gilliard, a Democrat from Charleston, chose to honor the lives of those victims on Wednesday. He began the debate in the House, calling this “an emotional time for all of us.” It has been emotional, and the last thing South Carolina needs is another incident like the shooting. Having the Confederate flag wave like it’s not a big deal just gives people the idea that hate crimes are acceptable. They’re not, and the state needed to abolish anything that might support that notion.

The flag will be moved to a museum where it will serve as a reminder not to repeat history. Having it out in the open, however, served as a reminder that repeating history is fine. In this case, it’s really not fine. The House gave a final vote of 9-20 around one in the morning on Thursday. Haley reported that “The House… has served the state of South Carolina and her people with great dignity.” We agree with Haley. It was time for the Confederate flag to go away.

The Confederate flag and people who support it are what is wrong with America. It creates a false sense of racial superiority, and if we ever want people, we’re going to need to get rid of it. We are not denying that the Civil War happened and there are racial prejudices in this world. To erase such hateful parts of history would be just as wrong as perpetuating them. The Confederate flag belongs in a museum. The United States needs to be reminded that horrible things happened in this country. But the last thing this country needs is to create more war.

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One Response to South Carolina Votes to Remove Confederate Flag

  1. Debra says:

    I applaud the state of South Carolina for this decision; Unfortunately, the Confederate flag should have been removed long ago, prior to these senseless killings.

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