Stacey Dash Defends Donald Trump

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

We love Stacey Dash, but here’s one thing we don’t love. She wants Donald Trump, an incredibly racist and homophobic man, to be President of the United States next year. Can you sing it with us? No!

We think the Clueless star is being a little too clueless. We even hate that we had to waste that joke on her support of Trump. But when Dash appeared on Fox (which is already sketchy), she defended his heinous comments about immigrants from Mexico. In case you needed a reminder, Trump called them “rapists and criminals.” Appalled yet? Keep reading.

“I believe he was trying to say that we need to close the boards because it’s dangerous,” she remarked. “It’s an imminent threat.”

Really? People trying to make good, decent lives for themselves in the United States is an imminent threat? Sometimes, it seems like the only people facing an imminent threat are people coming to the United States because so many Americans aren’t welcoming of people who weren’t born within their walls of baseball and apple pie.

What’s more, Dash is African American. Trump is pretty much the secretary of the secret, no-girls-allowed “White People Are Best” club, which is his problem. Just because he’s not attacking African Americans this minute doesn’t mean he’ll stay away from the topic entirely. If he’s prejudiced against one race of human beings, he’ll be prejudiced against another. There aren’t limits to hate. It just keeps spewing.

Dash continued, “He’s a man who says what he means and means what he says. To me… I’d want a guy like that to run the country.”

Really? You’d want a guy who says terrible, awful things about human beings based on the color of their skin or where the families come from running the country? That’s not a good idea. Dash, we don’t want to have to turn our backs on you, but you’re treading on thin ice. Seriously, this is like the time Dion was going the wrong way on the freeway. Not. Good.

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One Response to Stacey Dash Defends Donald Trump

  1. Debra says:

    Excellent article! Thank you for speaking out against support of Trump. How can this man be President of the United States?…What ever will he do when confronted with the statistics that Hispanics out number Caucasians in California and New Mexico?

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