Stanford University Bans Hard Liquor From Undergraduate Parties After Brock Turner Rape Case

Credit: Morguefile/dierregi

Credit: Morguefile/dierregi

Stanford University just made a decision that has many people floored.

Earlier this year, news of a controversial case shocked the public. Brock Turner, a former student at the university, was sentenced to only six months in prison for raping a fellow student, who was unconscious, outside of a party near a dumpster. Turner could have received a sentence of 14 years, but the judge presiding over the case felt differently.

Now, in an attempt to prevent more rapes from occurring, President John L. Hennessy and Provost John Etchemendy announced that hard liquor is banned from all undergraduate parties on campus.

According to Talking Points Memo and The Associated Press, Hennessy and Etchemendy said this decision was made “to build a healthier campus culture around alcohol.”

Only beer and wine will be allowed at the undergraduate parties, but hard liquor will still be permitted at parties hosted by graduate students in the form of mixed drinks.

There are so many things wrong with the school’s decision. First, people can still get heavily intoxicated off of beer and wine. Also, if undergraduate students want to drink hard liquor, chances are they will find a way to do so.

However, the biggest issue people have with the decision is that it seems as though the university thinks that alcohol caused Turner to rape the young woman, when, in reality, it was his own fault. This should not come as a surprise, unfortunately, since the Turner case and the recent Austin Wilkerson incident proved that there is usually little blame placed on the rapist.

Perhaps the school should focus their attention on creating seminars and discussions to educate their students on this topic, so they can promote a safer, more respective environment for everyone on campus, in hopes that these terrible crimes do not happen again.

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