Blue Lives Matter Asks Americans To Boycott Ben & Jerry’s For Supporting Black Lives Matter; Ben Jerry’s Say They Are Proud Of Statement

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Photo Credit: Morgue File

Ben & Jerry’s is not backing down from their decision to support the Black Lives Matter movement. As previously reported, on Thursday, Oct. 6, the Vermont-based company declared their support for the Black Lives Matter movement by launching their own Black Lives Matter campaign on its company website. However, this did not sit well with the Blue Lives Matter organization, who then called for Americans to boycott the Ben & Jerry’s establishment.

I spoke with Blue Lives Matter representative, Seargent Randy Sutton to really get to the bottom of why Blue Lives Matter is asking Americans to boycott Ben & Jerry’s. Here’s what he had to say:

“Blue Lives Matter is a grassroots police support organization made of active law enforcement, retired law enforcement officers with families, and just people that believe in the American police officer.”

“Black Lives Matters is a highly political, very well funded, racist hate group.”

“It calls for the killings of police officers and the dismantling of the police system in America,” explained Seargent Sutton.

“So, when a corporate entity like Ben & Jerry’s throws their support behind a group of people that calls for hate and calls for the killings of law enforcement officers, then we as a law enforcement support organization are calling them out on it.”

Seargent Sutton said he’s seen Black Lives Matter protesters walk around with signs that read  “Blue Lives Don’t Matter” among other expressions of hate directed toward law enforcement officials.

Seargent Sutton said he’s even heard protestors chanting:

‘What do we want?’

‘Dead cops!’

‘When do want ’em?’


“I’ve seen the results of the Black Lives Matter movement marches where cities burn, where people get shot.”

“The public persona of Black Lives Matter and their public statements is calling for the dismantling of police,” he said.

“You can’t say that’s a reasonable thing to say ’cause you aren’t calling for peace; you’re calling for hate and that’s what Blue Lives Matter finds so offensive.”

Chris Miller, the Social Mission Activism Manager for Ben & Jerry’s said the company is very proud of their statement and can’t imagine what part of the statement the Blue Lives Matter organization would take offense to.

“I think we’re incredibly proud of the statement and just stand in solidarity with people who are fighting for civil rights and social justice,” said Miller

“To be perfectly honest with you, I can’t imagine what part of the statement they would take umbrage with. We talk about the need to identify and overcome systemic racism in our society.”

“We are clear that we believe that by saying Black Lives Matter is not to say that the lives of those who serve in law enforcement don’t.”

“We absolutely believe that the Black Lives Matter movement is the civil rights movement of our time and as we said in our statement to be silent about these set of issues is to be someone complicit in their continuation.”

“I don’t think that there’s any indication that the movement in general, is either violent or racist, said Miller.

“I think the Black Lives Matter movement was born out of an opposition to violence that was being perpetrated on Black Americans,” he added.

“The Black Lives Matter movement is a vibrant movement of people all across this country standing up for civil rights and social justice—that’s neither racist nor is it unAmerican.”

As for the Blue Lives Matter organization claiming Ben & Jerry’s cited statistics that are inaccurate, Miller said, “They appear to cast very broad dispersions but I see nothing to back up what they’re saying.”

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