Ted Cruz Dropped Out But John Kasich Is Still In To Win

Credit: tessroo/morguefile.com

Credit: tessroo/morguefile.com

Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz might have dropped out of the race but John Kasich is still in and he is not backing down. Many people are very upset at the fact that Cruz is no longer in the race and rightfully so when it seemed as if this country had a hope of going back to the Constitution many people lost that hope when he suspended his campaign. Now we are down to John Kasich and Donald Trump on the Republican side running for President.

Yesterday Cruz admitted defeat after the Indiana Primary and suspended his campaign leaving frontrunner Trump and Kasich. Kasich is very optimistic and says that he “is staying in the race” leaving many Republican voters very hopeful that he may win instead of Trump. Trump who once donated to Hilary Clinton back in her first (failed) Presidential run in 2008 troubles some voters because they don’t always know where he stands. To many people Kasich is our only hope let’s just have faith that he will not back down and suspend his campaign. He may have had less votes than Cruz but let’s not count him out just yet he is gaining more popularity than before and this country loves a good comeback.

Now what do we have left a Democratic Socialist who I can’t wrapped my head around the fact he has any support since this is not a Socialist country but minor details (not really). A woman who should be in prison and it seems as if her only strategy is to play the woman card, a man who constantly runs his mouth and then there is Kasich. Kasich is seen as the last hope to win. Kasich’s strategist John Weaver has offered Republicans “a clear choice for our country.” The candidates have yet to reach Kasich’s home state of Ohio where he may have the chance to gather more votes than Trump himself.  We’ll all have to stayed tune to see what happens next.


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