Texarkana, Arkansas Police Warn of Level 4 Sex Offender

Photo Credit: paevar from morguefile.com

Photo Credit: paevar from morguefile.com

Texarkana, Arkansas Police would like all residents to be informed that Level 4 Sex Offender Ronald Eitel has recently moved into the area.

Ronald Eitel, 55, currently lives at 303 East 23rd Street.

Eitel was charged in 1982 with 12 counts of rape and convicted of 4 counts; he was sentenced to two 20-year sentences and two 60-year sentences. Eitel was assessed and designated as a Level 4 Sex Offender. Though he was meant to spend the rest of his life in prison, Eitel’s sentences were recently overturned and he was released from the Texas Department of Corrections.

“In the interest of Public Safety, not only the residents in the neighborhood need to know who their new neighbor is, but all citizens living in Texarkana need to be aware,” TAPD Chief Bob Harrison announced to the public. “We are attempting to be proactive in alerting our citizens because of his sex offender classification. In my opinion, Arkansas Probation and Parole should have told Texas to keep this one.”

According to the Arkansas Sex and Child Offender Registration Act, Level 4 Sex Offenders are “individuals with impaired judgement or control who have sexual or violent compulsions that they lack the ability to control.

The act refers to individuals who suffer from conditions that distort thinking or otherwise interfere with behavioral control; these may include pedophilia or other sexual disorders, mental illness, or personality disorders.

Law enforcement officials use a risk assessment scale to determine which level an offender should be classified under; various factors are taken into account including the seriousness of the offender’s crime, his criminal history, and other person and social characteristics.

A sex offender’s classification under this assessment scale is not meant to definitively determine whether any one offender will commit another crime; it is merely to help law enforcement officials decide which method of notification should be used.

Eital is not a wanted criminal by law enforcement at this time; this notification is only intended to keep the public informed.

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