The Anticipated 88th Annual Academy Awards Is About to #Blackout

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures/THZ Library

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures/THZ Library

It looks like Chris Rock really is cooking up quite the monologue, for this years 88th Annual Academy Awards. This Friday, after dodging the #OscarsSoWhite discussion for so long, Rock teased the world with one single tweet of a TV Screen in the middle of a blackout that read, “See you Sunday…. #blackout #oscar.” Okay, so one out of two of those hashtags make sense.

So, now we’re confused about two things. One. What does #blackout mean? Two. Will Leonardo DiCaprio win an Oscar this year, if not this year, ever?

Well we know for sure, that Rock is about to be speaking for a lot of African American artists in the industry, and that’s why he has kept his material strictly underground. Now, Rock has the most challenging task, in which he will have to maintain the tradition by honoring the spirit of the evening, while simultaneously addressing the #OscarsSoWhite issue.

Celebrities like Will Smith and Spike Lee have made explicitly clear that they will not be in attendance. But, Rock’s comedy has centered a lot around race, so hopefully his monologue will do these talented men justice.

But, another question remains, will Leonardo DiCaprio ever receive justice? And, by justice we mean an Oscar. After “The Revenant was released, there has been a series of memes referring to DiCaprio’s most valiant effort to win the award. DiCaprio won his first oscar in 1994 for his supporting role in the film, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” after that he starred in films like “Romeo + Juliet,” “The Beach,” and most notably “The Titanic.”

The Academy didn’t acknowledge DiCaprio in his artistic efforts until “The Aviator” came out 11 years later. From that point, DiCaprio was nominated in 2007 for “Blood Diamond”  and in 2014 for “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Do you think this years Academy Awards will be a disaster or be quality programming?

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