The Feud Is Not Over Between Katy Perry And Taylor Swift

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Ding, Ding round two?

HollywoodLife had a source reveal to them that “Katy’s feelings aren’t hurt they are just confirmed that how she always felt about Taylor and things she heard about Taylor are true. Katy thinks it is petty and stupid of Taylor to do what she did and doesn’t want to go to her level and respond more then the tweet.”

Katy Perry does not want to comment back on the “Rolling Stone” interview Taylor Swift had but, the source did say, “Maybe something will be referenced during an upcoming performance, but Katy doesn’t have plans to write a song about the situation”.

TMZ reported that the fight started because 3 of Taylors back up dancers left her tour for Katy’s. “The girl-on-girl war ignited when 3 of Taylor’s dancers jumped ship and joined Katy’s tour. Taylor felt betrayed because she became very close to the dancers and considered them family.”

There is still no full explanation as to why the two stars are fighting. Hopefully things will cool down between the two.

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