The Game Fires Back at Amber Rose for Thoughts on Sexual Assault Allegations

Photo Credit: xandert from

Photo Credit: xandert from

Amber Rose’s opinion about The Game’s $10 million lawsuit for sexually assaulting a woman is firing back at her. And it seems to us that Rose always has something to say about everything!

It has been reported that Priscilla Rainey filed a lawsuit in an Illinois federal court claiming that The Game went out of control and allegedly sexually assaulted her a few times.

However, Rainey’s criminal past is not that clean. It has been reported that she’s been involved in petty theft and battery with a deadly weapon. These allegations make her accusations toward The Game questionable. People are beginning to assume that she has filed the suitcase in order to promote the show on her Instagram page.

And this is where Amber Rose barges in. The hip hop model voiced her opinion on Baller Alert’s Instagram page and chastised the website for victim shaming and defended Rainey’s right to file a lawsuit. “Her past has nothing to do with ‘him’ touching her inappropriately,” she writes.

To that, Game responded by telling her to “chill out,” as he denies that he ever sexually assaulted Rainey and claims she was the “thirstiest broad on the show.”

“She threw her twat at me for 5 weeks straight & because I didn’t like her vagina strip eyebrows havin ass, she concocts a story & is sueing[sic] for 10 million dollars???” he writes.

Game then added, “This bitch ain’t getting a dime & to Amber once again…..Relax…I’m taking it easy for now.”

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