The genius of Jigga!

Big Apple couple! “Me I’m from the Apple which means a MAC!” Brand loyalty and association is no longer exclusive.

By now of course you know about the latest corporate deal to expand Jay-Z’s empire and make the Jigga man that much richer.  We reported on the new Samsung / Jay-Z collabo here on the THZ,  but let me just say a little something something more about this.   What I LOVE about this whole Samsung/Magna Carta deal, is JAY getting another fat check and milking the corporations for all they’ve got! Raping ’em!  The interesting thing is,  looking at that 3 minute spot aired during halftime….how many times did you even see a Samsung Galaxy?  Hmm. Take note that Jay can be seen answering a phone at the start, but it’s not clear that it’s a Galaxy.  And, there is a quick flash of someone using what looks to be a Samsung tablet, but it’s never revealed and not clear at all.  In fact, at first look,  it looks like an iPad mini.   None of this is by accident.  That’s all due to Jay cleverly constructing how he’ll be associated with a brand.  He’s not going to just be a pitch man and tout some product so the company can raise sales and revenues.  He’s smart enough to say “Ya’ll want me?  Cool!  Want to work out some deal with my music? Cool! Let’s shoot somethin’ but don’t expect me to be holding any products, talking about ’em or anything like that. Just do what ya’ll do, I’ll do what I do with my people and ya’ll can cut me a check!” It’s fascinating how far many musicians/artists have come when it comes to product endorsement and being associated with a brand.  But even more fascinating, is how far removed these artists can be from the actual brand/product and still be linked to them.   Jay never even had to say “Galaxy” or “Samsung.”  Bottom line: Just by association with Jay,  a bunch of folks will run to buy a Samsung Galaxy and it won’t be just Samsung reaping the benefits .  “Get ’em HOV!”

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