The Grammys Don’t Know Dance

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Its only once a month, a rhythmic rendition comes along that undeniably just stands out and grabs not just your ear, but every vein in your body. Yep, maybe twelve times a year does the music Gods descend to bless a song, regardless of genre or any other confining box, and give it the elements to touch the soul. Last night, the Grammys got it all wrong. That song was Louie Vega’s funk house remix version of “Dance” by the 3 Winans Brothers (Marvin, Carvin and BeBe Winans) featuring The Clark Sisters.

This song, originally written as a slow gospel ballad on the album version, brings new meaning to the phrase triple entendre. We’re all used to songs with double meanings. This goes all the way back to Rick James’ Mary Jane to the modern day Brown Sugar by D’Angelo. But “Dance” goes further. When you listen to the lyrics, the thing that makes you dance could be music, sex, drugs, love/relationship or the or holy spirit itself (which is what they intended). Ummm… awkward!

When the music Gods touch a song, they essentially give it the 3 core requirements for greatness. It has to connect with your soul. It has to make you think. And last but not least, it has to make you move. The lyrics to this song are so in alignment with that. “You make me believe, you make me Dance” speaks to the soul. “When I should be crying, you make me Dance” makes you think a little bit about what’s important. And “You make smile, you make me laugh, you make me Dance” says get off your feet and move!

The album Foreign Land, released in 2014, could be considered a legacy tribute. The death of Ron Winans in 2005 essentially ended the popular gospel group the Winans. But the 3 Winans Brothers joined forces and re-emerged in a sort of second version of the group with a slightly different name. 3 great powerhouses: 3 Winans Brothers, The Clark Sisters, and Louie Vega have created a surreal recipe for body-moving, blood-pumping, hip-shaking, feet-stomping, music in the song “Dance.” Check it out!

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