The REAL Image of King Tut According to ‘Virtual Autopsy’

Photo: Flickr

Photo: Flickr

The infamous King Tut has been revealed…or so we think.

The King, who is portrayed, is one of royalty. With bronze skin and detailed symmetrical facial features to represent beauty. According to a ‘virtual autopsy’, that may not be the case. The autopsy revealed the King had buckteeth, a clubbed foot, and girlish hips. This was done by the most detailed examination ever of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh’s remains.

It’s understandable why powerful figures must be portrayed in a certain light, there’s still debate as to what Jesus the Son of God looked like. Some say, no way he could have been fair skin with straight hair and a have ‘Caucasian’ nose.

Other interesting developments on King Tut are rather than being a beloved young king with a passion for chariot racing. Tut relied on a walking stick to maneuver around during his reign in the 14th century BC.

The ‘virtual autopsy’ consists of more than 2,000 computer scans, and was carried out with a genetic analysis of Tutankhamun’s family.

And get this…evidence supports that his parents were siblings, brother and sister. Which would explain his physical impairments, triggered by hormonal imbalances.

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