The Walking Dead Season 6 Expectations

Photo credit: Morgue file

Photo credit: Morgue file

As a dedicated fan of The Walking Dead, I was beyond disappointed with AMC’s spin-off Fear The Walking Dead, as you might have known if you read my very telling review of the show. Just to recap, the spin-off failed from the very first episode because it gave us absolutely no indication of how the disease originated and what’s even more disheartening is the fact that at this stage in the game I could care less how and why is started. Rick Grimes and the gang have dealt with far worse than grotesque walkers since season 1, and we as viewers have grown to fear the humans more than the zombies.

By this time we know how to deal with walkers, but humans have proven to be far more dangerous and unpredictable. In season 5 alone, we have dealt with three groups of people who have wreaked havoc on some of our most beloved characters. The cannibals of Terminus went quickly enough, but not before making our good friend Bob barbecue food. The Grady Memorial Hospital crazies could have been more than helpful to society, but Beth saw them for who they truly were and paid a dear price for it. (I didn’t forget about Noah and Tyreese! RIP you brave souls.) Now, we remain at Alexandria with some suspicious characters lurking nearby and a familiar face within the safe-zone.

The season 5 finale ended on one of the most anxiety-driven notes in the history of TWD with an extremely unexpected twist. Riding off of that high and onto a new one, the season 6 premier being just two weeks away, what are we to expect from a brand new season of walkers, weirdos, and war?


There are scavengers surrounding Alexandria. Perhaps the most dangerous group we will encounter on this journey, they lure in survivors, kill them, and carve the letter “W” into their rotting skulls. Morgan encounters a pair of them on his way to meet up with Rick and if you recall he goes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on them with his staff. If you also recall, they captured the man in the red poncho that Daryl and Aaron were trying to recruit for Alexandria and found photographs of Rick, the group, and their newfound safe haven, which pretty much means we will definitely be seeing more of these so-called wolves. My question is, how many are there, how far are they, and are they smart enough to overcome Rick Grimes? Or… will there be internal issues within the group following the events that took place in the season 5 finale that will make them completely blindsided?

2) The Ricktatorship vs. Morgan Jones.

Morgan is back with a vengeance and I don’t mean against Rick, though things may change given how much they have changed since their season 3 reunion. You remember how it goes. As Pete “accidentally” kills Deanna’s husband, she orders Rick to kill him and in true Shane Walsh style, he puts a bullet in his head without an ounce of hesitation. Imagine his reaction when Morgan, whom he probably thought was taken over by walkers back in season 3 when he went absolutely insane, plays witness to the scene. This presents an enormous problem. Back in season 3 Rick hadn’t quite passed through the always-do-the-right thing phase yet. I think it’s safe to say he crossed way over that line when he murdered Gareth in a church with a machete; that’s not to say he isn’t a good person. Rick has become wise to the world around him and will do just about whatever it takes to survive.

Morgan on the other hand clearly has a more hopeful, less cynical outlook on life. Hell, finding Rick after all that time had passed in the middle of an apocalypse, he has right to be hopeful. However, he’s not stupid either. Morgan has known how to defend his life for some time now. The question is can this new Morgan and this new Rick share a world where one of them has to lead? From the trailer it seems like Morgan no longer trusts the man he saved in the pilot of the show, so how will this play out? My prediction is all feuds will be put aside once the wolf pack comes hunting.

3) The Redemption of Father Gabriel or Exile?

Father Gabe has absolutely got to go! That’s just my personal opinion and I know plenty of you feel the same way. He was unbelievably close to getting what HE deserved in the finale, after telling Sasha that her sins were the reason that both Bob and Tyreese were dead. ONE STEP OVER THE LINE TOO MANY GOOD FATHER. Maggie came just in time to hold Sasha Fierce back, but how will this play out in the next saga. Will Father Gabe continue to play the martyr? Will Alexandria believe Father Gabe’s misconstrued story? Will he somehow find redemption in the group or will he be exiled? I hope it is the latter, but my prediction is that he’s walker bait for sure!

4) Carol and Daryl

Here’s just one more for fun. Will we finally get any kind of clarification regarding what is happening between these two! Since season 2 there has always been some sort of romantic flirtation going on between Carol and Daryl and all I want is a little bit of confirmation! However, with Carol going around threatening little boys and sneaking around stealing weapons, maybe she and Daryl no longer click. If I’m wrong though, I’m going to need see some lip action. Just a little peck!

Two weeks. Two weeks and we will have at least some of the answers to these questions. Season 5 ended with so many bright rays of hope, unity, and salvation. You either took Rick’s final moments as an act of inhumanity or survival. I ride or die with the Ricktatorship, do you?

Tune into AMC on October 11 for the season premier of season six.






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