Guy Climbes Trump Tower in NYC

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UPDATE: The NYPD managed to pull him inside of Trump Tower and he is reportedly safe and sound. It is also widely believed on Twitter now that he is a Trump supporter who uploaded a video manifesto Tuesday stating that he had an important message to deliver to Trump that he was willing to risk his life for. He then encouraged people to vote for Trump in November.

Breaking news Wednesday evening in midtown Manhattan, a guy named Steve from Virginia has been climbing Trump Tower using suction cups for over two hours.

Police are on the scene and reportedly have shut down 56th street and part of 5th Avenue, causing gridlock in rush hour traffic. ABC News described the scene as a “spectacle.”

He appears to be using a unique device comprised of five suction cups. At around 6 p.m. he was estimated to be at about the 19th floor. He began on the 5th floor from an atrium that is accessible to the public.

Police and firefighters are apparently trying to get to him by breaking in vents and windows, and one report says they sawed through ventilation grates and are hanging out of the building.

The crowd that gathered was cheering and gasping as the scene unfolded. He reportedly slipped at one point and some are concerned that rain could cause him to fall. There is no report yet as to why he is doing this. Is he pro-Trump or anti-Trump? Or did he just want to try out these really strong suction cups he found?

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