THZ EXCLUSIVE: An Interview With Jazz Dancer, Actress and Singer Mollee Gray

Photographer: Danny Hernandez - THZ Library

Photographer: Danny Hernandez – THZ Library

The next teenage sweetheart is here! Our exclusive interview with Mollee Gray, the 24-year-old rising star from Utah, will leave you craving for her dance moves and her beautiful voice.

With over 200k followers on Instagram, and over 40k followers on Twitter, this young star is on her way to stardom!

Gray won the hearts of audiences with a top 8 finish on the 2008 season of So You Think You Can Dance. She calls this achievement the “stepping-stone of [her] career,” because of the show’s fast-paced nature that enabled her to prepare for the industry today.

Mollee even told us, “Competing with all the dancers was completely inspiring. Always striving to do better, because you saw how talented everyone was.”

The rising star won her first distinguished dance role at age 14 as a featured dancer in the Disney movie/musical, High School Musical. She told us that she discovered that dance is her calling when she booked the High School Musical series: “Kenny Ortega (director) took me under his wing, got me an agent and told me I had what it takes to be in the industry.”

Mollee Gray Instagram - THZ Library

Mollee Gray Instagram – THZ Library

When we asked about what inspires her to keep on dancing, Mollee confidently said that it’s her “PASSION.” She also added that although she is constantly represented with different opportunities in this industry, her love for dance would “ALWAYS” be there.

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For somebody who started out in this industry as young as 9-years-old, Mollee seems to be most thankful for her family. She told us that if she didn’t have their complete support, she wouldn’t have known how to make it through this journey. When we asked Mollee who inspires her the most both personally and professionally, the young star declared that her mother constantly keeps her humble, and “is always a positive asset to [her] and [her] dreams.”

Mollee Gray Instagram - THZ Library

Mollee Gray Instagram – THZ Library

With regards to Mollee’s career on TV, she told us that she is most proud of her first lead role in Double Daddy. “My whole career up to Double Daddy, I was playing the ‘bubbly’ or ‘nerdy’ kind of girl. When I got offered the role of ‘Amanda,’ I read the script and was stoked, I was able to finally show my supporters the versatility in my acting, which is now helping me with a lot more projects.”

As for her most challenging role, Mollee told us that playing “Sari” in No Strings Attached was a little difficult because it was her first official acting job, and the first scene she filmed was with Ashton Kutcher, which was pretty intimidating. However, the young star dishes that Ashton Kutcher was “such a funny, goofy guy. He kept [her] laughing all day!” And as always, Kutcher wins our best comedic award.

The star’s experience on Teen Beach 2 made her feel at home, and when we asked who influenced her the most from the movie, Mollee told us that Grace Phipps had a positive, smart, and dependent influence on her as a friend, and that she is a lot like Lela for having “so much feminine power!”

As for the star’s balance between her personal and professional life, Mollee told us that she is a pretty private person. For this reason, she likes to keep her social media about her and her career only, rather than showing off too much of her personal life. “I do use Snap Chat as a private outlet, to interact with my close friends.”

It also turns out that Gray is a total nerd! The 24-year-old star told us that she constantly loves learning new things, and she does this by reading non-fiction books to gain knowledge on everything. Woah, now that’s a well-rounded celebrity for you!

And when she is not singing, dancing, or acting, the rising star loves to “just chill at [her] pool in the back yard!” Sounds like she can be a regular person, too!

Mollee sees a lot of success and happiness in her future, especially in the acting industry. “I live by a quote, ‘Get knocked down 7 times, stand up 8.’ Never give up!”

As of late, Gray has been involved with the charity organization, DoSomething. She also has a lot in store for us, but she can’t spill the news yet. However, you may follow her on social media for the latest updates and project announcements:




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